How to Block Addresses in Yahoo Mail

Indeed, email services are a great means of communication, perfectly suitable for official and business issues. However, one might always face a situation when he or she is harassed by some unknown people on the internet, as he/she constantly receives emails either with threats, annoying offers, or spam. Yet, there is a quick way to solve such an issue, namely taking advantage of the feature of blocked addresses. It works pretty simple: you just access your settings in Yahoo, go to the section of blocked addresses, add the addresses from which you do not wish to receive email letters, and that’s all. You can find more detailed instructions about how to block addresses in your Yahoo mail right below.


  1. The first step in the entire process of blocking addresses in Yahoo is, actually, accessing the webpage of Yahoo:
    If you want to block any email addresses while using Yahoo account, you should access Yahoo mail first


  2. On that page, there is the “Sign in” button that you can find in the right-upper area of the webpage. Once you have spotted that button, click on it.
    This way looks the sign in form, which you have to use for accessing your Yahoo mail


  3. On the next page, there will be a window for signing in. You will find there a field, in which you should enter your email address. Then, click on “Next.”
    This page requires you to enter the password and proceed further


  4. The next step is entering the password of your Yahoo account in a field on the next page. Once it is completed, click on “Sign in.”
    You can block email addresses in your Yahoo mail by opening the window of settings


  5. Right after that, you will access your Yahoo account. Then, you need to proceed further and so you should find the button of settings first. As a matter of fact, the button is situated in the right-upper area of the webpage you are currently viewing. Once spotted, move the mouse over that button, and this will lead to triggering a pop-up menu.
    This is the window of settings, where you can block new email addresses that bother you


  6. Once you have got to see a pop-up menu, you should click on “Settings” there.
    You can remove email address from the list of blocked email addresses by giving a click to this button


  7. After clicking on that menu item, you should click on “Blocked Addresses” in the menu of settings (situated on the left).
  8. The window of “Blocked Addresses” is actually the page where you can add email addresses to the list of blocked ones, so you will receive no letters from them. In order to get an email address blocked, enter an email address you wish to block in the given field, located at the top of the page (on a provided screenshot, that place is filled with such an email address like After entering the email address, click on “Block.”
  9. After it, you will see the email address added into the list of the blocked addresses. However, you can remove any email addresses from that list by selecting (those ones you want to remove) and clicking on the “Remove” button.
  10. Don’t forget to click on “Save” after adding new addresses to the list of the blocked ones.

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