How to Utilize Yahoo Filters

Anyone might have a feeling that he or she wants to automatize his/her email account in some way, thus making sorting out the mail easier and faster. One of the way of doing so is the feature of Yahoo filters, which actually allows you to manage your mail automatically if there are any common patterns. After setting up such filters, emails, sorted out according to those filters, will be moved to a specified folder. In order to set up Yahoo filters, stick to the instructions beneath.


  1. Start the process of the filter creation by accessing the Yahoo’s main page, the internet address of which is the following:
    In order to set up Yahoo filters, you need to sign in to the Yahoo account of yours


  2. You should find the settings button out there, in the right-upper area of the webpage. Once the button has been spotted, click on it.
    This is the appearance of the page for Yahoo sign in


  3. You will have to sign in to your Yahoo account. Provide the email address of yours and click on “Next.”
    You need to type your password here and click on the respective button in order to access the inbox page


  4. The next action of yours must be entering the password on the next page and clicking on “Sign in.”
    The window of settings can be easily opened by clicking on this “Settings” menu item in the pop-up menu


  5. On the right side of the top, there is a settings button. You need to move your cursor over the button in order to prompt a pop-up menu.
    In this window, you are able to complete any manipulations you want regarding Yahoo filters


  6. In that pop-up menu, you should give a click to “Settings.”
    There are lots of settings you can configure while setting up Yahoo filters


  7. You will open the window of settings, where you need to click on “Filters” (in the settings menu, placed on the left).
    After setting up the Yahoo filters you needed, you shouldn’t forget to click on the button of “Save”


  8. The window you are viewing is the place where you can manage your Yahoo filters. Click on the “Add” button, if you wish to add a Yahoo filter.
  9. In the window of a new Yahoo filter, there will be different settings. The first field is the name of the filter (how it will be displayed for you). Then, you have four fields of conditions, and you can fill some or all of them. Those fields are: from, to, subject, and body, which stands for each of the fields of a letter (sender, receiver, topic, and the main part of a letter). Conditions might be: contain (i.e. letters that feature words), does not contain (lack those words), begins with, and ends with.
  10. In the last field, you should specify what should be done with the letters that have been sorted out. In the given example (look at the screenshot), letters with the word “drunkard” in the email address of a sender and with the word “vodka” in the subject will be moved to a trash folder. For instance, emails from,, or with titles like “Vodka party today!“, will be moved to the trash folder automatically.
  11. After specifying all conditions and actions, click on “Save.”
  12. You will notice the newly set up filter to be displayed in a table of filters. You can add more filters (click on “Add), remove the existing ones (select a filter you want to remove and click on “Remove”), or edit the existing ones (select a filter and click on “Edit”).
  13. After all, click on “Save.”

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