Configuring Yahoo Viewing Settings

It is important to customize the interface of your account in Yahoo, one of the world’s most popular email services, the way you wish, one of the ways of doing so is configuring Yahoo viewing settings. In particular, you can change a large number of attributes on the page of Yahoo viewing settings, namely: multitasking, preview pane, what letters should be marked as read, desktop notifications, etc. This step-by-step guide shows how to spend no more than a few minutes of your precious time on it and get the things done without making much of an effort.


    1. The first step you should make is launching your browser and going to the webpage of Yahoo:
      For configuring your Yahoo viewing settings, you should access the website of this portal and give a click to this button


    2. On the Yahoo webpage, there will be several buttons, located in the right-upper part. Find the “Sign in” button and click on it.
      In the sign in window of this page, you will be asked to enter your Yahoo email address


    3. You will get to see the form for signing in, and you have to enter your email at first. Click on “Next.”
      You need to provide your password on this page, if you want to access your Yahoo account and advance to the page of Yahoo viewing settings


    4. On the next page, you will be required to type your password in the given field. Then, click on “Sign in.”
      After accessing your Yahoo account, you should move your cursor over the button of settings and choose “Settings” in the pop-up menu


    5. By doing so, you will finally access your account. Move your mouse over the settings button, situated in the right-upper corner of the page of your Yahoo account. It will trigger a pop-up menu, and you have to click on “Settings” in that menu.
      By accessing this page and changing the settings here, you are able to change Yahoo viewing settings


    6. Immediately after completing that action, you will get to see the window of settings. On the left side of it, there will be a short menu with the menu sections. You will get to see the section you actually need, so let’s start configuring it.

When viewing message lists. Here, you have got two fields that are active: snippets and conversations. You can uncheck the boxes, if that bothers you.

Multitasking. Choose whether you want to perform multitasking with tabs or recent tasks.

Preview pane. You can enable the preview pane, which will be displayed either at the bottom or on the right. By default, this setting is disabled.

Message list density. You are able to change the actual density of your list. There are three modes: slim (by default), regular, and relaxed. Relaxed might seem as the most comfortable and content-rich, yet you will see only a couple of letters per page.

Mark as read. Choose after what time the letters should be marked as read.

After moving a message. You need to define the action that will be done after moving/deleting an item.

Enable desktop notifications. Once you have enabled this setting, you will receive notifications about incoming letters on your desktop. You are able to turn this feature on either for all emails or only for emails sent by real people.

Mail version. You can change it to the basic version (instead of the full featured one) in case if you want fewer features and more “simplicity.”

  • After you have configured all the settings, don’t forget to click on the button of “Save”, located in the left-bottom corner.

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