Configuring Yahoo Writing Settings

For the sake of a greater comfort, adjusting Yahoo writing settings might stand in good stead for you. It allows you to change the style of your font, as well as to change the default account for sending messages and generating link previews. In addition, this short yet step-by-step guide will show you how to forward messages to another email account.


  1. Begin adjusting your Yahoo writing settings by accessing the page of Yahoo: Create a Yahoo account if you don’t have one yet.
    Give a click to this button for accessing your Yahoo account


  2. On that page, draw your attention to the right-upper part of the page. There is the “Sign in” button, and you should give a click to it.
    After entering your email address, click on the “Next” button


  3. Following that, you will get redirected to the page of Yahoo sign in, where you should enter your email address in the given field. Click on “Next.”
    Provide your password and click on ‚ÄěSign in”


  4. Immediately after that, do the same with your password and click on “Sign in.”
    You should move your mouse over this area in order to trigger a pop-up menu


  5. After completing those actions, you will access your Yahoo account. Move your mouse over the button of settings, located in the right-upper part of your account’s page. By doing so, you will open a pop-up menu, in which you should click on “Settings.”
    This window of settings allows you to configure your Yahoo writing settings


  6. You will see a window of settings, in which you should go to the section of “Writing email.”
    In the default rich text font field, you can see how your text will look like after arranging the settings


  7. In the section of “Writing email”, you will see several fields. The first one is called “When sending messages.” By unchecking the first box, you will not add people whom you send messages to your contacts automatically. By checking the second box, any links that you place in messages will generate link previews.
    Go to the page of “Accounts” for enabling the feature of email forwarding


  8. In the field of “Default rich text”, you can specify how your font will look like. There are 6 settings of the size and 7 settings of the style.
    In order to enable that feature, you need to enter your email address in the given field and click on “Verify”


  9. If you want to send letters from the name of disposable address, you can opt it in the “Default sending account.” Click on “Save.”
    After sending a request for email forwarding, you will receive a letter of accept onto the account you have provided


  10. Click on the “Accounts” text button, located at the bottom of the page. Scroll down until the very bottom.
    In the new window, you will see such a button for confirming your email address for getting forwarded letters


  11. In order to enable the feature of email forwarding, enter your email address for message forwarding in the field under “Access your Yahoo Mail elsewhere.” Click on “Verify.”
    Now, you will receive forwarded letters onto your account


  12. Go to that email address, find a letter from Yahoo, and click to verify it.
  13. On the next page, click on “Verify.”
  14. Now, your messages will be constantly forwarded to the other email address.

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