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Yahoo (Ymail or mailyahoo) is considered to be the most popular email service in the United States, whereas it offers not simply email services, but the pages with fresh news and a large variety of other services (such as Tumblr and Flickr). If you have just signed up for such a service as Yahoo, you might have problems while struggling to sign in to this service.

Before You Log In to

This easy, step-by-step guide shows in details and with pictures how to sign in to your Yahoo account (which means how to complete the Yahoo sign in process). In addition to that, you will get to know about where to find the most important information and enable important features. Enjoy!

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Log In to Yahoo Step-by-Step


  • You have to start the process of Yahoo sign in by launching the browser of yours and going to the page of this internet portal:


yahoo sign in
If you want to kick start the process of Yahoo sign in, you should give a click to this button, placed on the main page of this internet portal


  • You will find a “Sign in” button on that page, situated in the right-upper area of it. After having spotted that button, you should give a click to it.


yahoo sign in
In the first place, you need to enter the Yahoo email address of yours in this field and click on the large blue button


  • On the following page, you will be required to type your email address in the provided field. Do so and proceed further by clicking on the button of “Next.”


yahoo sign in
The next step of the Yahoo sign in process is entering the password and eventually clicking on the “Sign in” button


  • In the next place, you should also enter the password of yours and finalize the procedure of Yahoo sign in by giving a click to the button of “Sign in.”


yahoo sign in
Here, you can view where you should click in order to start writing a letter or to access your spam folder


  • Immediately after doing those manipulations, you will get to see the page of your Yahoo inbox, where you can view the letters you have received.


yahoo sign in
After clicking on the icon of your Yahoo profile, you are able to access the page of your security & privacy settings, as well as the page with the information about you


  • If you want to start writing a letter or view your spam folder, draw your attention to the fourth screenshot, which clearly shows where you can do it.


yahoo sign in
The settings button gives you quite a wide choice of pages and options you can access


  • The fifth screenshot shows that you are able to access the page with the information about yourself and security settings by moving your mouse over the icon of your profile (which is situated in the right-upper area of the inbox page).


  • Finally, the last image displays where and how you can access the menu of settings as well as to adjust some other features.