How to Take Advantage of Yahoo Disposable Addresses

The majority of internet users tend to avoid disclosing their email addresses due to the security and privacy issues. Indeed, barely anyone wants to receive tons of spam and experience threats of having one’s account hacked. Yet, there is a way how to complete all manipulations with your real email address while avoiding providing its name, and this way is called Yahoo disposable addresses. Basically, you just create another name for your email address and will be receiving emails there. And once you feel that too much spam comes to your inbox because of that email name, you just delete it and don’t receive any spam anymore.


  1. The first thing you should do is going to the Yahoo’s website, namely:
    Sign in to Yahoo and make use of the feature of Yahoo disposable addresses


  2. On the main page of that website, you should click on the button of “Sign in”, located in the right-upper area of the Yahoo’s main webpage.
    Entering your email address is the first step in accessing your Yahoo account


  3. After accessing the sign in form, provide your Yahoo email address and click on “Next.”
    Provide the password and proceed further to the page of your inbox


  4. The following page will require you to type the password and click on “Sign in.”
    You need to open the window of settings, if you wish to take advantage of the feature of Yahoo disposable addresses


  5. It will result in getting access to your inbox, where you should find the settings button in the right-upper part of the inbox page. Move the mouse over that button. After prompting a pop-up menu, select “Settings.”
    In the section of security settings, you can set up a disposable address


  6. In the settings menu, select “Security”, among the other sections of the menu, on the left.
    Disposable email addresses consist of two words, whereas the first word is the base name of the address


  7. In the window of security settings, you are, actually, able to set up a disposable email address. Click on “Create base name”.
    Now, you can create a disposable address by clicking on this button


  8. The base name is the first word of your future disposable address. It will be same for all your disposable addresses, so pick this word carefully. Enter it in the given field and click on “Create.”
    When creating a disposable address, you are able to view how its name will look


  9. Now, you can actually create a disposable address. Click on the button of “Add.”
    After completing your manipulations with disposable addresses, you should click on the button of “Save”


  10. In that window, you have a few fields to fill. The first is the name of your disposable address, which will be the second word in the email’s name. For instance, if the base word and the email name are “John124” and “Hi245”, your disposable address will be the following: In the second field, you should provide your sending name that will be displayed (it might be a real or a fake one). In the field of “Notes”, you can specify whatever you want. Click on “Save.”
  11. Now, you can use your newly created disposable address. You can add more disposable addresses in the same way. If you need to remove any disposable address, select it and click on “Remove.”
  12. Don’t forget to click on “Save” after completing all the manipulations with disposable addresses.

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