How to Create Yahoo Signature

Email signatures can be created for a wide range of purposes, beginning with information about yourself or contact information and ending with the promotion of products. Thankfully, Yahoo offers us to take advantage of the feature of Yahoo signature as well. It is fairly easy to do and all that is required is to complete a procedure that lasts no longer than five minutes of time. So if you have decided to take advantage of such a feature like Yahoo signature, you need just to stick to the step plan, posted beneath. Enjoy!


  1. Prior to starting setting up your signature on Yahoo, you should enter the webpage of Yahoo. Its address is
    The first step in setting up your Yahoo signature is accessing your account by clicking on the “Sign in” button, placed on the main webpage of Yahoo


  2. On that page, you will find a “Sign in” button in the right-upper page’s area. Give it a click and proceed further.
    Provide your email address in this field and click on the “Next” button in order to get logged in


  3. On the following page, you have to write your email address on Yahoo and give a click to the button of “Next.”
    The last step in accessing your Yahoo account is entering the password and clicking on “Sign in”


  4. After completing that action, proceed further and provide the password of your Yahoo account in the given field. Click on the button of “Sign in.”
    After triggering this pop-up menu, you should select “Settings”, among other items, thus opening a window of settings


  5. That will let you access the page of your inbox, where you can spot a button of settings, situated in the right-upper area, near the button of your account (where your name is written). Move your mouse over the button area and prompt a pop-up menu.
    Even though you are able to edit your signature in the section of “Writing email” settings, you have to access the section of “Accounts” after recent changes in Yahoo mail


  6. Once the menu is opened, you should select “Settings” among other menu items.
    In this field, you can set up your Yahoo signature while being able to use many formatting features


  7. After accessing the window of settings, you should go to the section “Writing email” settings. Unfortunately, the feature of signature has been moved from the “Writing email” section to the section of “Accounts” after a recent update, yet it is far simpler and easier to set up it this way. In the section of “Writing email” settings, you can find “Accounts” text button at the bottom. Click on it.
  8. 1A few seconds later, you will get to see the window of Accounts with a field for creating a signature. Set up a signature by using any formatting features that are available for you (various font styles, font sizes, links, etc.).
  9. Once you are done with creating a signature for your Yahoo account, you should give a click to the button of “Save”, situated in the left-bottom corner of the window.

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