Taking Advantage of Yahoo Vacation Response

As you can easily grasp, the name of the Yahoo vacation response feature is quite self-explanatory. Right, you should resort to the use of this feature anytime you are going somewhere and will be unavailable for a certain time, yet you don’t want to miss important letters or to make the others think (especially your colleagues, bosses, or business partners) that you are ignoring them. This feature helps a lot in such cases, and it does not take much of time to enable it.


  1. Begin the process of setting up a Yahoo vacation response by going to the main webpage of Yahoo: http://yahoo.com/.
    You can set up a Yahoo vacation response for a certain period, and the first step in doing so is accessing your Yahoo account


  2. On that page, you should give a click to the button of “Sign in”, located in the right-upper area.
    This image shows where you have to enter your email address and what button to click on subsequently


  3. After doing so, you need to access your Yahoo account. On the given page, you should type the email address of yours and proceed further by clicking on “Next.”
    This way looks the page for entering your password, in case if you want to sign in to Yahoo


  4. The following page requires you to enter a password. Type it in the provided field. Click on “Sign in.”
    Accessing the window of settings is possible in this quite a simple way


  5. Once you have accessed the inbox page of your account, you should draw your attention to the right-upper part of the webpage. There, you can spot a settings button, and you should move your mouse over it. Doing so will prompt a pop-up menu, and you should select “Settings” out of other menu items.
    There is a separate section, called “Vacation Response”, and you should access it


  6. In the window of settings, you should go to the “Vacation Response” section. Check a box near “Enable automatic response during…”
    A great advantage of Yahoo is that this email provider allows different vacation responses


  7. In the next place, you are given to specify when the vacation response of yours will be valid (i.e. when the senders will receive an answer from you): choose the start and end dates in the “From” and “Until” fields.
    After creating Yahoo vacation responses, you should click on the “Save” button


  8. In the given window, you can set up a vacation response, whereas you can use many formatting features, including lining, different font styles and font sizes, links and images, etc.
  9. You can also set up a different vacation response for the same period. It might be needed in cases, for example, when you want the response to be different for certain emails or domains. In order to do so, check the box near “Different response to…” and type domain(s) in the given fields. Then, write a response in the window, located at the bottom. For instance, different replies will be sent to such domains like @sports.co.uk and @drugusers.com, as it is shown in the screenshot.
  10. Click on the button of “Save.”

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